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Unsecured Business Loans


If your company requires money to expand or improve its services, consider applying for a Prime Business Funding loan. We provide a range of business loans that you can use to buy machines, purchase supplies, or consolidate existing debts. Our business loans also prove useful when you plan to expand an office, add a new branch, or obtain additional company vehicles.

Prime Business Funding offers unsecured business loans of up to $500,000. Our loan terms can extend as long as five years. Depending upon your eligibility and preference, we may provide you with a fixed or adjustable rate. Our fixed rates lock in on the day we approve your loan. We use the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate to set the interest rates on our unsecured business loans. You will avoid paying the high fees that loan brokers typically charge, and you won't have to wait several weeks for a decision.

Prime Business Funding doesn't only provide business loans to major corporations. We also offer small business loans to proprietors with good credit. Small business loans are helpful for buying things like tractors, office furniture, and cooking equipment. If your firm does not qualify for unsecured business loans, we may be able to issue a secured loan. Companies can obtain secured small business loans by offering automobiles, buildings, land or machines as collateral. Our small business loans feature low interest rates and nominal fees.

To begin applying for one of our unsecured business loans, please fill out the easy 10-question prequalification form. When we approve requests for business loans, we typically disburse the funds within 48 hours.